Our purpose is to deliver high quality products and services for the textile reinforcement industry.
We are an Argentine company working as a global supplier of industrial synthetic fibers of Nylon 6.6. Our daily commitment is to achieve the highest quality in everything we do. We exist through our customers’ success and our ultimate objective is to exceed their expectations by generating value to their businesses.

Our products are tailored to serve the rubber reinforcement industry, especially to the tire and MRG (Mechanical Rubber Goods) segments. Our extensive product portfolio is homologated by the main global tire manufacturers. Other applications of our products include the industries of sewing threads, ropes and cordage, fishnets and weaving yarns. Our reputation as a premium supplier of high quality products and services for the industry is built on and sustained by our systematic processes of continuous improvement.


We are an Argentine company dedicated to the global provision of industrial 6.6 nylon fibers for the industry

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