Fibercord offers an opportunity to develop your career in a result oriented, motivated, talented and responsible team  Integrity, respect and honesty are the fundamental values of all Fibercord employees in every aspect of their processes and business interactions. Our culture is built on a set of core values that foster teamwork environment of mutual respect across every level of the organization.

Our daily commitment is to achieve the highest quality in everything we do in a safe way to ourselves, our team members, our community and our environment. Internship program

Fibercord’s internship program offers a first approach to the comprehensive work experience which allows you to get a general view of the company.

We are currently working with nearby technical schools by offering students the opportunity to have their workshop practices in our facilities under the constant supervision of our engineers and managers.

Selection process

We think that the selection process is vital because it aims at ensuring that our core values are shared with the process participants. The process is done within a context of respect and care for all those who go through it. We value people that do everything for their personal and professional development.