Product description

Fibercord’s high performance multi-filament Polyamide (Nylon) 6.6  yarns combine outstanding tenacity and dimensional stability with excellent fatigue resistance and the capability to form strong and durable bonds with the rubber compounds in which they are embedded . Our high tenacity multi-filament Nylon yarns are specially formulated for the tire and rubber reinforcement industry.

Polyamide 66 is a highly  stable polymer. Typical non-polar organic compounds and solvents have little or no influence on its properties. High viscosity polyamide products like our nylon T728 are spun and drawn  to obtain a high degree  of molecular alignment and crystallinity. This makes these products even more resistant to dissolution and chemical attack.

Moisture affects the product in two ways depending on the exposure conditions: under a moderate temperature, water acts as plasticizer and the tensile strength and the module are reduced to a 10-20% for wet yarns at room temperature. This loss of tensile property is reversible. A prolonged exposure to moisture at a high temperature can cause the hydrolysis with permanent loss of part of the tensile properties of the material.

UV light, strong acids and bases, phenols, and certain corrosive chemicals attack the polyamide 66 polymer. They cause yarn strength loss and/or alteration on the fiber’s surface.

Good fatigue performance of reinforcement materials is essential to in-rubber applications  and is particularly important if the load cycle  to which the material is subjected in use includes a compression phase. Fibercord’s T728 yarn has been a reference for outstanding fatigue performance for many years. T728 – Polyamide 6.6 High Tenacity Industrial Yarn

Bright, high tenacity, heat stabilized and fatigue resistant yarn with  good adhesion properties for tire reinforcement, mechanical rubber goods, webbing, ropes, cordage and fishnets