Each and every incident can and must be prevented. Our objective in Safety, Occupational Health and Environment is ZERO! We are all committed to continuously develop and sustain our zero-injury culture.
We are responsible not only for our personal safety, but also for our teams´ and for our neighborhood’s. Safety and Environmental Care are our major priorities and our unquestionable core values. There is nothing so important or so urgent that cannot be done safely.
At Fibercord, we are committed to make our workplace a safer place for ourselves, our team and our community. Our objective is ‘0’ incidents.
Read our commitment to Safety, Occupational Health and Environment here.

Safety is personal; and our actions are guided by our beliefs. These are the following:

1-There is nothing so important or so urgent that cannot be done safely.
2-Safety outside the workplace is as important as in it. There is only one kind of safety and it is not negotiable.
3-Financial benefit will not come first at the expense of people’s safety, whether they are our employees, contractors, visitors or neighbors.
4-Any injury, occupational disease or environmental incident can and must be prevented.
5-People are the most important part in a Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Program. Their active participation is essential.
6-Safety is a condition of employment; therefore, each employee is formally committed to work safely by observing and enforcing the rules of the programs created for this purpose.
7-Our contractors’, visitors’ and neighbors’ safety is as important as the safety of those who are part of the company.
8-Any unsafe action or unsafe condition detected must be promptly corrected.
9-All incidents must be investigated in order to find the root causes, to learn from them and to prevent reoccurrences.
10-Proper training programs for all employees, for them to perform their tasks safely and confidently must be continuous
11-Updated written procedures and instructions are essential for a zero-injury workplace.