Usually, industrial applications require high-tenacity yarns that can be used for a large variety of reinforcement purposes. Fibercord’s yarns have been specifically designed for each of these types of end-uses: from fishnets and simple cords to highly resistant ropes; weaving yarns, technical textiles; tires, conveyor belts, hoses, straps and other rubber products.

Among all requirements imposed on modern vehicles, there is no doubt that safety comes first. Fibercord’s high-tenacity nylon 66 yarns offer high quality tensile strength, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance which are highly valued by the tire industry.  As a tire reinforcement material, nylon 66 has two dominants areas:

Cap Ply – passenger and light commercial vehicle tires

Carcass/Breaker – conventional tires (cross-ply) used in aircrafts, agricultural vehicles, heavy and medium trucks, racing vehicles, earthmovers, and mining vehicles.

Fibercord’s high-tenacity nylon 66 yarns are heat-stabilized and combine outstanding tenacity and dimensional stability with superior fatigue resistance as well as its capacity of forming strong bonds with the rubber compounds.