Safety and Environmental Information(*)

  • Under normal conditions of processing and use, nylon polymer and fiber products are nontoxic, they represent essentially no risk for human health or for the environment.Notwithstanding, good industrial hygiene practices should always be followed to avoid dusty conditions. The fiber fly can constitute a fire hazard and that, under dry conditions, static electricity can accumulate on the fiber and may lead to spark discharges which could be dangerous in the presence of flammable materials.Nylon is flammable and melts in fire. Molten material may promote spreading of the fire and causes severe burns if it is allowed to come into contact with the skin.

    Combustion products of nylon are similar to those of other organic materials which contain oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen (e.g. wool): primarily carbon dioxide and water with lesser amounts of carbon monoxide and compounds of nitrogen.

    Do not touch running yarn lines! High strength thin yarns can easily cut the skin. If they trap clothing, limbs or fingers they can cause severe injuries.

    Nylon fibers are made of a polymer that is particularly stable and inert. In the absence of contamination it can be recycled. This is the preferred disposal method.

    (*) more detailed safety information is available on request